What will it all look like next week?

If you’re wondering what it will look like from Wednesday, this is it


There’s a few things to note

  • There will be one car lane in to the city and one lane out of the city.
  • Trams will run normally.  The stops will be at Toorak Rd (existing stop) and a new stop on the city side of Park St.  The “old” Domain super stop has gone.
  • We will not have any car parking out the front.
  • St Kilda Rd towards the city will deviate to the far side from in front of the old Police Building.
  • You will still be able to get to Bowen Cres (and our top car park)
  • You will still have driveway access to the St Kilda Rd carpark.  But you will need the stop/go person to assist you.  It is also worth noting that to exit that car park you will turn right from the car park and join the traffic heading to the city – effectively a U turn.
  • Albert Rd is already in its ‘final’ configuration – traffic in both directions is on the city side of the park.
  • Pedestrians will be able cross the works area at Park St.
  • Walking to the city on the opposite side of St Kilda Rd, looks a bit tricky.  Seems you will need to loop up near the fountain, around Cobbers Statue.

All of this was in the info sent out some time back but thought a quick refresher may be handy.  This is not an official position but my reading of the info provided.

You should also be aware that my best guess is that our trees will be removed next week.

The next stage is a big hole on the city of the station box, starting in May.  Our ‘big hole’ will occur in the Sept – Dec time frame (I think)


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