Tram screech update

c2-class_tram_hero_800x340When the temporary tram track was designed in St Kilda Rd, we were told the curve had been designed to ensure no tram screech.

When it went live last week and the screeching was terrible we were told – it will settle down in 2-3 days

When it didn’t settle down in 2-3 days, we were told – it needs another 2-3 days

When that didn’t happen we were told – We are currently investigating the cause of the noise and solutions to mitigate noise impacts to surrounding residences and businesses.

One of the big frustrations is that sometimes it is northbound trams, sometimes southbound, some mornings are good and afternoons bad, sometimes model x trams are bad sometimes they are fine.  It is clearly more than one issue.  Surely this is not the first time?  Something is different to the work that Fulton Hogan did on Toorak Rd – that is a tighter curve and had zero screech.  Surely John Holland did a ‘standard install’???

So how bad is it?

This was earlier in the week

This was 9pm last night

This was this just now

If you live at The Botanica and it is causing you grief, call 1800 105 105 and politely complain



2 thoughts on “Tram screech update”

  1. Even if you don’t live at The Botanica: If the noise is causing you grief – at work – at home – at play, sitting having a coffee near the Domain Plaza for instance – please ring and complain, politely

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  2. Gary, I have noticed varying days and times, quite perplexing. I travelled the tram to the City yesterday for the first time, and did observe the constant curving left to right. The Toorak road turn is a single wide sweep. I always noticed the tram noise coming from the Domain Rd bend. My intuition suggests the number of bends in from of us.

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