I know it feels like nothing is happening, but…

The tram screech and flanging has caused us all a lot of grief over the last week.  I know that several people have relocated themselves.  I have tried to get some sort of formal reply from CYP and that has been very skinny.  They have said things like…Yarra Trams are working hard on it.

I did some walking around and looking and talking to Yarra Trams bods.

I spotted Charlie checking the tracks are the right distance apart


This morning I was woken around 12:45am and saw this grinding happening

Marginally better today, here is a video.  Lets see what tomorrow brings


One thought on “I know it feels like nothing is happening, but…”

  1. You forgot to mention the flipping tram track cleaning machine with the *extremely* loud reversing beepers. Woke me up in the early hours, quite a long time after the grinder woke me up. But grinder was not disturbing – a low sound. Unlike the reversing beepers which cut through the glass AND the screeching tram noises which do the same.


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