MMRA /CYP updates…lots of news

MetroTunnel Square

  1. MMRA have been renamed as Rail Projects Victoria (RPV) – I guess since they are now looking after non-Metro projects, then the name Metro Rail didn’t make sense
  2. Bowen Crescent at Kings Way has been re-opened. The Gurner Building on the corner may means some temporary closures but it was open again tonight.
  3. The MMRA / RPV flyer in your letterbox today had some info for the overall Precinct – let me give the Botanica impacts
    • There is a lot about street lighting – applies mainly to areas north of us. But they know we have an issue and Citipower were intending to have our old street lights back on tonight – now looks like being tomorrow night. Tonight we will have the intrusive but necessary light towers
    • The noisy water blasting on Wednesday will be either side of us but not in front of us
    • On May 6, there will be concrete barriers will be in front of us – where the orange bollards are now. St Kilda Rd northwards will be diverted next to the tram tracks from in front of the Police Building. We will have one lane of traffic to our car park, to Bowen Lane and to Albert Rd South AND our parking bays.
  4. Trees – our trees will stay until late June / early July. There may be 1-2 in front of 390 St Kilda Rd removed beforehand but ours stay until they really have to go to start work in front of us
  5. Hoardings – we are still working with RPV (MMRA) and CYP with regard to some treatment of the ugly concrete barriers. Living walls and artist murals have been suggested by me…still hopeful

Tram noise update

This has just come through

From: Rob
Sent: Wednesday, May 2, 2018 4:09 PM
To: Gary
Subject: Tram Noise
Hi Gary and Jan

Just an update on the tram noise issue as promised:

Once it became clear that the tracks had not bedded down in the anticipated time frame, Yarra Trams have been conducting various investigation works to try to identify the cause of the noise. As we discussed, the noise does not seem to be linked to either the stock type or specific tram number. Yarra Trams have held a workshop with respective experts in the field to look at possible causes based on observations so far. They have resolved to conduct another inspection of the gauge and cant of the tracks this week with a specialised trolley to scan the tracks. This will be timed to coincide with the times and conditions where the noise has been observed to be at its worst.
Separate to this process, a full review being undertaken of all technical drawings and other documentation from the works to try identify any potential issues. This is being led by MMRA, CYP and with support of the Independent Reviewer.
As I reiterated, there is a strong commitment to get this issue fixed. I’ll keep you both updated on the issue, Please feel free to share this with any interested residents of the building.
Thanks, Rob

On a lighter note…..Some of the more diligent readers of the letterbox flyers will have noticed that “luminaries” are to be hung from the poles in our area. We were stunned and thought that they would be hanging luminaires – if anyone has suggestions for luminaries to be hung, please add a comment to the blog.


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