Latest news from MMRA (now RPV) and CYP


I attended the Community Reference group (CRG) meeting on Wednesday – here is a pack of the info presented.  Domain-CRG-Presentation-30-May-2018

I’ll put up some more notes later but the main takeaways are

  • 14 trees go from tomorrow – they should have pink pain markers on the ones to go…but I’m sure the elms are going but have no pink paint??
  • The St Kilda Rd service lane in front of our building, will go in the next 2 weeks.  The ‘site fence’ will be moved back to the kerb.  Car parking will obviously go.  Our lower carpark driveway will be inside the ‘site fence’.  It will have traffic management and there will be no access to the city side of the driveway.  This means that you will come in and out towards Bowen Cres.  This will apply for 12-18 months.
  • The noisest time for Botanica is now predicted to be Jan – March 2019

We did also discuss the tram squeal issue – it has been escalated and they now realise that it is having a massive impact on all local residents


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