Noise – predicted vs actual

Annoying-noise-001-640x384MMRA / RPV and CYP have just released the results of the predicted noise levels versus the actual noise levels during the recent night works in April.

Here is what they predicted


Its a little hard to read but essentially they expected the worst nights for us to be April 6 and April 8.  It also said that our count of days exceeding the threshold would be 5 days.

Here is the actual noise levels


This shows that we only had 3 days over the limit.

The contractual limit is 10 days in a 15 day period or 40 days in a six month period

The above info was for the April works, what about going forward??

This is the list of what work is being done when over the next 24 months – NONE is at night


and this is the predicted noise levels – IF they do nothing to reduce the noise

Capture this says that worst time for Botanica will be during the D4 work (Southern box roof slab) in January to May 2019.  Importantly that these figures are from their model and assumes that they do zero noise mitigation.  Clearly we will work with them (and the Domain who is also badly impacted) to get the noise levels down..somehow!!

Table for other buildings is here



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