Noisy rail grinding

CYP will be putting out a notification shortly about the rail grinding to take place this week, which they hope will reduce the noise emitted from the tram.

Yarra Trams have confirmed that they will be undertaking these works on Thursday 28 June andSunday 1 July.
These works will take place at night, between 11pm and 5am, to avoid disruption to trams services. They are expected to generate high levels of noise.


One thought on “Noisy rail grinding”

  1. Just attended meeting at seasons. What a polite bunch of people we are. We thanked the representatives there for their attendance and consideration of our issues… A few questioned their methodology and a lesser few questioned their appreciation of our dilemma and the trauma we have been faced with. I asked if it was possible to have double glazing funded particularly to st kilda road facing apartments, response was could be considered if all other rectification options fail. But worst case this squeel will only be another 12 months. It is disgraceful the lack of consideration being allotted to our plight… We had a serene environment (that we had paid for) and now have a war zone with accompanying noise and massive inconvenience. It is making me ill


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