More details on lower car park access tonight


  1. Bowen Crescent will re-open at 4pm today
  2. Water barriers will be installed in a staggered formation in your slip lane at 4pm to allow access to the Botanica driveway. Traffic controllers will be in place to assist residents
  3. At the same time – Bowen Lane access to the Botanica Driveway will open. (At this point in time access and egress will be available in both directions)
  4. A Traffic Controller will remain in the slip lane access road until 7pm tonight to assist residents who are returning home.
  5. At 7pm the Traffic Controller will finish up, however the water barriers will remain open for anyone returning later at night.
  6. The barriers will be closed off during the night and when residents leave in the morning they will leave via Bowen Lane.



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