Domain Station – CRG Meeting


Jan and I attended the regular meeting with CYP today – nothing really new but some useful updates

See the chart above that gives the high level schedule for the next 12 months.

Takeaways for The Botanica

  • Before Xmas they will build the guide walls on our front door step
  • They will finish the D Walls in the Northern box in v early January.
  • They will then walk the cranes over to us and start on our D Wall panels.  That will be at night – 1 or 2 nights

Other info presented included

  • The cable work under our footpath will continue in January but the footpath will be re-instated before Xmas
  • There will be a covered walkway in front of us and 390 St K Rd from January
  • Bowen Lane to Albert Rd should be open by Monday at latest, hopefully Saturday
  • They are using some sophisticated truck tracking system that helps ensure that trucks use approved routes, don’t speed and generally do the right things.
  • Air and vibration monitoring indicates all under legal limits
  • No noise info presented

There will be a site shutdown from December 22 to January 9 – but the 1800 105 105 number will still be manned

Full info here




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