Our last trees

For your information, CYP have suggested that our Ficus trees may need ‘a decent haircut’ to ensure that their custom built walkway will fit in OK.

My position is very clear, we will only cut them if CYP can convince our barrister that we have a legal requirement to do so.

Feel free to let them know your thoughts. You should know the number….1800 105 105 then press 2 and press 2 again.


2 thoughts on “Our last trees”

  1. Hi Gary,

    I can appreciate your concern in this matter – this is the very attractive entrance to our building. If they have to be pruned it is good that they are such a hardy species & may not mind a trim.

    Again, supporting your decisions.

    Anne & John Ashlin 707


  2. Hi Gary,

    On the ficus tree issue, under no circumstances, like you, do I support this being done unless it is fully determined that we are legally bound to allow them to carry out this work.

    I take it that it’s probable that it is our trees that encroach on their scaffold and work rather than their concern around protecting or maintaining our trees or garden.

    I agree that CYP puts its request lawyer to lawyer rather than to you & Jan (on behalf of o c) to negotiate or ease the way towards approval.


    Jane Creenaune



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