Legally right but dumb and confusing

There are so many signs around the CYP’s Domain Metro Tunnel site while the works are going on that it is hard to know here to look!! It’s also confusing because the right path seems to change just about every day

A few weeks back they installed this sign for people crossing Bowen Cres..

Unfortunately on the opposing side of the same corner they have installed this one for car drivers

Now strictly speaking the signs are right. Peds heading south should give way to cars on their right because those cars are not turning and the cars coming towards them are turning so they have to give way.

So on the first half of crossing the road, cars have right of way and on the second half of the crossing, peds have right of way.

You may be shocked to know that people find it confusing…but it is legally right

Now today we have this little gem

We are being squeezed into our car park during all this work and so we only have one lane that is for in and out traffic. As you can see, just past the ‘turn left’ arrow, you actually merge right. Legally maybe right, but again a tad confusing

Bottom line – keep your wits about you

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