Lighting under the scaffolding

Further to my blog post earlier in the week, I explained to CYP that we had been very patient but if they can’t have them working on Friday night, we would get our electrician to fix them and we’d send them the bill

The 3 nights this week with unacceptable footpath lighting takes us to 23 nights for the project so far.

After dark last night we had the Superintendent of the area, the head of the electrical contracting company and the director of community relations come and see for themselves.

They were suitably armed with a stack of portable lights and electrical skills, test kits to ensure the lighting level was right and a guard.

We have a temporary solution that will be in place (including a full time guard) for Sat and Sun nights. On Monday they will solve it properly

It shouldn’t be this hard…..thanks Paul, Kate and Dean


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