South box works update

Good afternoon,  

I hope everyone is staying warm as the temperature is dropping outside.

I wanted to touch base and provide a quick update about the works happening in the southern section of the station box. Below is some information on the activities happening in the south box, I hope you find it informative.

South Box Works Progress

Excavation is progressing well, with most of the southern section of the south box now down to the level of the future Anzac Station roof.  

As we move across the site we pour the first layer of concrete (the blinding layer). The staging of construction in the south box was altered to immediately apply the blinding layer, reducing how long excavated soil is left exposed.

  • The pour for the blinding layer of the northern section of the south box is currently underway. Please be aware that this is expected to extend after 6pm on Wednesday 10 July.  
  • The pour for the southern-most section is expected to begin early next week. 

This process of excavation and blinding will continue as we progressively move across the site.  


There are only four working days remaining of hyrdo-demolition scheduled for the south box. These works use high pressure water to blast away the concrete and expose the tie in points for the roof.

These are some of our loudest works and we appreciate your understanding over the last month while these works were underway. 

Break back works

We are also progressively breaking out sections of the d-wall that will require additional formwork for increased strength. This break back work has been completed in northern section of the station box and we are about to commence the final break back in the southern section. 

  • Please be aware that jackhammering on Saturday 13 July is likely to extend to 3.30pm, followed by site clean up to 6pm.
  • This work is expected to be noisy and will extend past our normal Saturday finish time of 1pm.  

You may be wondering why we break back a section of the d-wall that we carefully poured earlier this year. The answer is that in certain sections of the roof we need additional strengthening that can only be done once the initial layers of excavation is complete. An L-shaped connection of concrete and steel reinforcement is constructed in this section and connected into the station roof, providing the additional strength we need.

Next Steps: Steel-fixing

Once we have the concrete blinding layers poured, the upcoming phase of works will involve the fixing of steel to the blinding layer and progressively pouring the concrete.

Heritage Hoarding

If you are over in the Shrine grounds, be sure to stop by and have a look at the heritage hoarding that is progressively being installed. The hoarding includes a series of historical images of the area that have been taken from the State Government archives.

Start of a blinding layer pour in the northern section of the south box earlier today.

On the right side of the photo is the recently completed break back of the d-wall. This section of the wall is broken back before having reinforcement bars installed and concrete poured for additional strength.

  • Excavation works continuing ahead of the final breakout of the D-wall. 
    The recess shown in the centre of the d-wall will be broken down further using jackhammers, before having reinforcement bars installed and concrete poured for additional strength.

Below the orange scaffolding you can see the strip where the hydrodemolition has exposed the tie-in points for the station roof.

  • Heritage Hoarding

Our new heritage hoarding being installed, using photos selected from the State Library of Victoria.

Kind regards, Rob from CYP


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