Building break in

As you are probably aware, we had a break in last weekend. Items were taken from a few cages and they removed our on site recording device. It seems that the thieves gained access using a stolen building fob.

We have updated our security and are currently working with the police to further reduce our risks.

What should you do?

  • Be aware that storage cages are vulnerable. Cages in neighbouring building have also been targetted.
  • Be aware that thieves have also been targetting key fobs in cars. Please avoid leaving your fob in your car and ensure your car is locked.
  • Report odd behaviours to Paul
  • Do NOT put yourself at risk if you see someone behaving oddly. If you think the issue is serious then please call the police.

One thought on “Building break in”

  1. Gary, Thanks for posting. Probably worth adding that fobs & keys left outside the building in key safes present security risks, as do, same being left in letter boxes.

    Regards, Jane

    Jane Creenaune



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