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Good afternoon everyone,

Just wanted to give you a quick update on how works are going in the area.

It is an exciting time with plenty of progress happening on the project.

For those who have a view out over the work site, you’ll see that backfill of the south box is in full swing and we’re just about to complete the last section of waterproofing.

If you’re walking past The Domain building (1 Albert Road) you’ll see the new northbound section of St Kilda Road under construction – this section of road will tie in with the new section of road that will be constructed on the southern station box.

We’re all set for the removal of the driveway decking (Jan’s Way) next week – thanks to everyone who got in touch about a carparking pass.

Just a reminder that cars will need to be out of the carpark before 7:30am Monday morning (16 September) the driveway will reopen Saturday (21 September) evening. All requested passes will be in letterboxes by 6pm tonight Friday 13 September.

As per the September construction notice, a number of construction activities in the south box will continue up until 10pm each night.

This will start with the removal of Jan’s Way on Monday 16 September. The extended hours will ensure we get the decking removed to hand over to the team who are backfilling and constructing the new section of roadway that connects Bowen Crescent with the driveway.

Please note that access to the lower carpark will be via Bowen Crescent once it reopens Saturday 21 September.

Once the driveway is reopened, works to build the remainder of the new northbound lane of St Kilda Road will continue. This road will open as part of the 24/7 works to realign the St Kilda Road tram tracks and the southbound lane of St Kilda Road.

Unfortunately, the wet weather last weekend meant that the scaffolding removal was put on hold. We’ll be back in this weekend to remove it and we’re aiming to get it all done in one effort on Saturday. There may be some delays and detours while it is removed – access will be maintained for Botanica residents.

On Saturday we’ll also start some of the works on the top of Bowen Lane.  There will be traffic controllers in place to help with the boom gates on Jan’s Way. There may have some short delays as traffic controllers move equipment out of the way to allow you to enter and exit.

Lastly, the biggest addition to the Doman landscape of late is the acoustic shed, the frame is now going up and the shed will be complete before Christmas in time for the assembly of the tunnel boring machines.

As always, feel free to reach out to myself and the team if you have any questions.

Thanks, Rob


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