Lower car park warning light

There is now a yellow light that comes on when the lower car park roller door is going up.

BEFORE you pull into the lower car park from St Kilda Rd, have a look for the light…if it is on then a car is probably coming out.

I know that it may mean you have to pause in the lane of traffic but that is MUCH better than having to reverse out into the traffic!!

It may mean a car has just entered…better not perfect

Best laid plans

I know that we were all expecting a different driveway exit setup this morning. CYP had intended to cross hatch an area to the right of our driveway to make safer exit. After a late evening chat, I understand that there has been some issue with the new tram track installation which has meant the barriers can’t be pushed as far back as planned. So no room for the cross hatch area.

Will be remedied in less than two weeks, in the meantime be careful coming in and out

Remember… If the noise is causing you problems then ask to be relocated