I need a favour

Today’s entry is nothing about The Botanica, but please bear with me. My brother, John has spent a large amount of the last 12 months researching the Azaria Chamberlain story. I’d appreciate it if you give it a try, each episode runs for just over 30 minutes.

I know what you’re thinking…we’ve heard all of this before – we haven’t. I am amazed at some of the facts coming out.

It has been done as a podcast – for those not familiar with podcasts, they are a bit like talking books. They are available on apple, windows, android – everywhere.

Try the link here – if you’re on an apple device this has a link to iTunes near the bottom

If you then decide like podcasts then search for Howie Games (Mark Howard interviewing sports stars) and The Daily (New York Times daily updates). They are two of my regulars 🙂


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