Latest on Botanica footpath

Short term (this week)

  • Patch the trip hazard holes
  • Remove the pole outside 398 St K Rd
  • Place the measuring device (currently on the pole) in small wooden box. Will be low enough to ensure clear view on driveway exit.
  • Remove all the orange fencing in front of The Botanica

Major tidyup will be done in late January

  • Significant resurfacing of the footpath. Will require some shuffling of people to one side or other.
  • CYP were considering also resurfacing the area of the driveway entrance between the road and the footpath. Would have necessitated a two day driveway outage. We said it was not worth the hassle, so long as they do it properly at the next stage (2 years away)
  • All parties have now agreed on trees in pots on our footpath but we are still working through the processes. They may be delayed until the end of summer to maximise the success of the planting.

One thought on “Latest on Botanica footpath”

  1. Maybe they could put the planter boxes in place and just put in some annuals, lavender bushes, ANYTHING to enhance the area while waiting for the ‘right time’ to plant the trees.


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