Interesting times

The next few weeks / months are going to be like something none of us have ever experienced. I am sure that we’ll all be spending more time inside our apartments.

It is a good time to help your neighbours…even though it is a bit tricky with social distancing. I thought the note that Scott and Sara put in the lift was wonderful, thanks to both of you.

I don’t know how we’ll be able to help but here’s a few suggestions of things that all of us can do…

  • Don’t touch things like lift buttons with your hands.
  • Don’t get in a crowded lift. I know they are usually empty but if there is a few people in it, wait the 90 seconds for the next one.
  • Maybe cancel your newspapers?
  • I’ve started building a daily list of who I have been in physical contact with. I am hope I don’t get it but if I test positive and they asked me, at a time when I was very stressed, when did I go to Coles, who served me?? I’m not seeing many people so it is easy to build the list each day…and toss it in the bin at the end.

Stay safe


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