Explanation of the recent noise

CYP’s explanation of the noise…

Good afternoon,

We hope that you have been keeping well in what is an uncertain time for us all at the moment.

I wanted to touch base about some works that have been occurring this week, starting on Sunday 24 May.

Unfortunately in the early hours of Sunday 24 May, bentonite from our TBM Alice made its way to surface via one of the penetrations in the station box. While this is not entirely unexpected in the station box where there are multiple excavation points, in this instance the bentonite made its way into the recently prepared roof slab for the middle box. The roof slab contains multiple layers of reinforced steel that were ready for a concrete pour to form a section of the station roof.

We had to immediately begin clean up works in the area, which included sucker trucks onsite undertaking clean up and dewatering in and around the steel reinforcement.

We apologise for the noise and inconvenience that these works have caused for residents. These critical works must be completed to ensure the structural integrity of the concrete pour and the future station roof.

The bulk of the cleanup is scheduled to finish today, however depending on the ongoing clean up and resolution of the issue, some sucker trucks may be onsite next week. The concrete pour will be put on hold until we are satisfied that the area is ready and complies to all the structural and quality requirements. Further detail on concrete pours in the middle box will be included in the June Construction Notification.

As always, we appreciate your patience as we undertake these works and again apologize for the unexpected impacts that it has caused.

Kind regards,

John Goding

Project Manager

Can you feel it??

Millie is close and Alice has started moving. We’ve been assured that the impact from the Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) should be very low, if noticeable at all.

If you feel any vibration please call CYP on 1800 105 105 and let them know!!

And the very noisy emergency de-watering work will be finished by tomorrow at latest

Here’s some more on the TBMs, including a short video

Want to know where the tunneling has got to?

Millie is working her way along St Kilda Rd at a rate of around 10m per day. If you look over the fence you can see a marker to show where she is today. It’s easy to see from the footpath on the eastern side of St Kilda Rd.

At the moment she is almost to Bowen Lane. She is named after Millie Peacock the first woman elected to the Victorian Parliament. More on that Millie here

Alice hasn’t yet got moving but her marker is there too..but a bit further back of course.

Water bills

Earlier this year SE Water replaced our various water meters. A few people have commented that their most recent bill was lower than previous ones and this was odd since we’re all washing hands a LOT more.

If you are comfortable please comment and share your usage..plus number of people.

Our ‘average daily water usage’ 167 litres for 2 people