Can you feel it??

Millie is close and Alice has started moving. We’ve been assured that the impact from the Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) should be very low, if noticeable at all.

If you feel any vibration please call CYP on 1800 105 105 and let them know!!

And the very noisy emergency de-watering work will be finished by tomorrow at latest

Here’s some more on the TBMs, including a short video


2 thoughts on “Can you feel it??”

  1. Could feel the vibration ever so slightly yesterday morning whilst standing on the balcony through my feet – it was like a constant low hum without the sound. There was no trams or loud works going on at that moment so it couldn’t have been anything else. Went inside and could not feel it so much if any. Went back outside and it was definitely there. Not concerned at this stage, although it will be interesting to see if it increases as they get closer?



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