Tunneling clarity

After some confusion, for me at least…CYP have sent this out today

Good afternoon everyone,

We hope you have all been keeping well.

We wanted to get in touch with a tunnelling update.

You would have received a letter last Friday indicating that our second TBM, Alice, would be travelling past your building from this Friday 19 June.

Alice has been making very good progress in the station box, which means that she will be near the Botanica earlier than we had anticipated.

It is expected that Alice could arrive at the D-Wall at the southern end of the station box (directly in front of the Botanica) as early as tonight. At this point she will pause tunnelling for a check on the cutterhead – the length of this pause will depend on any work that needs to be done on the cutterhead, this could be between one to two days before she restarts.  When she recommences, she will make her way through the southern end of the station box and continue onwards.

We apologise for the confusion that Friday’s letter may have caused. We do endeavour to provide the most accurate information we can to residents so they know what to expect. At the time of printing, the estimated arrival date for Alice was accurate.

If you are experiencing levels of vibration that are making you uncomfortable, please contact us on 1800 105 105 and we can arrange for alternative accommodation while the TBM moves past your property.

We have been given assurance by Quest St Kilda Road and Quest Southbank that they are not hosting any enforced COVID isolation cases. They have also assured us that they are taking every precaution with cleaning in their hotels.

As always, thank you for your ongoing patience as we build the Metro Tunnel.


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