Vibrations and noise

A number of you have talked to me about the dramatic increase in noise and vibration in recent weeks. We have been meeting with CYP and are very slowly making some progress, I think.

Noise 1

This was a metal on metal scraping noise. Often around 5am. Sandy worked out it was a loader over at Edmund Herring Oval, where they were doing a tidy-up by scraping the bucket along the concrete. They have modified the equipment and so we should not hear it now. You can hear it (before the change) in the video below.

Noise 2

There has been a lot of truck movements during the night. Initially I thought the trucks were going to and from the area in front of The Domain but it seems they are from CYP’s city site.

I have a little system that analyses the video from my balcony camera – last night we had over 100 trucks go past between 10pm-7am. No wonder we were being woken up.

CYP and RPV are saying all the right things…we are doing some detailed work…some trucks may be using St Kilda Rd…they should not be an issue..

Hopefully a solution soon. You can see still photos of the trucks in the file below.


There has been some terrible vibrations occurring at various times of the day and night. CYP had the vibration guru here a few days back and he felt and measured it. It apparently all relates to equipment at Edmund Herring Oval and the filter devices.

The latest info from CYP is…The meeting last night with Herrenknecht last night went well. I understand that there are some adjustments that are going to be made to the filters early next week, Andreas is going to advise me when that can be scheduled in

Feel free to call them and register your feelings…1800 105 105


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