Vibration and noise update

Further to the post almost a week ago, there have been a number of developments.


The vibration and odd noises in apartments. We have had various experts check things and today received this message from CYP…

….Kim and the Enviro team adjusted the vibration monitors on the Botanica to pick up the frequency Kim had monitored in your apartment – this will provide the baseline to measure against any differences following adjustments made. Andreas has asked Herrenknecht to make the adjustments to the filters ASAP this week – so we’ll be able to measure whether this makes a difference.

I’ll let you know the timing and get your thoughts as to whether you feel it has made a noticeable difference


Despite being told that the trucks may be coming from the CBD site of CYP…..I didn’t believe it and checked on my late night walk for exercise. They are all going to and from Edmund Herring Oval. Unbelievable.

There is now a meeting scheduled today between the various councils to see if they find a less impactful route.

Later today I’ll post a map of the route they are currently using – beforehand I’d ask you to think about the route you think would make most sense. You need to get trucks from the Westgate to and from Edmund Herring Oval.

Here is a v short video of just one truck going past – between 2-3am we had 18 go past the other night. And this is the noise on the 7th floor, imagine how bad on the lower levels.


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