Update on vibration and truck noises

After a month of investigating and testing theories about what is causing our very disturbing vibration – we’re back to square one. They have confirmed it is coming from Edmund Herring Oval and they made an adjustment to some equipment – to no avail.

So the new plan…James is arranging a meeting with Herrenknecht on Thursday to run through other options.

I’ve asked if that means we are a week, a month or a year from a solution…they don’t know.

Trucks – Not much better. Their reply below

City of Melbourne and RPV have given in-principle support to the egress route to the Westgate involving a left turn from Linlithgow onto Alexandra Avenue.  Both parties have requested a few minor things to be done that we’re pushing through as quickly as possible. City of Melbourne have committed to coming back to us on some options for the trucks returning to EHO – but I’ve yet to hear back.

In the interim I’ve also been advised that we’ll be conducting some compliance checks on the trucks on St Kilda Road in the coming days.


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