Update on trucks and vibrations

We have recevied this from Rob at CYP this afternoon

I wish there was more I could do to solve these issues sooner, I do understand it has to be frustrating being stuck in the house and having these issues happening at the same time.

I’m confident we can reduce the number of trucks by 50% very soon with the introduction of the Alexandra Avenue route.

City of Melbourne have said they are going out tomorrow for a physical inspection of alternative return routes.

There is a lot of action at CYP/RPV and Council to make a change here.

Similarly the issue of the vibration generated by EHO – everyone is working hard to find a solution here.

It’s small comfort I know – but I assure you that it is the number one priority for myself and many others.

Thanks, Rob


One thought on “Update on trucks and vibrations”

  1. FYI  https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/noise-from-transport-projects-adds-to-headaches-during-lockdown-20200728-p55g7i.html
    Gary & Jan,
    Are you feeling optimistic given Rob’s response? Noise levels should improve if traffic is cut by 50%.
    The noise levels have been noticeable day & night from my position & Pearl’s apt at the back of the building. Sort of a booming air sound penetrating closed windows is my best description!
    Thanks for continuing to fight these battles.
    Jane Creenaune


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