Vibration and trucks

I know that a number of you felt that last night was the worst for some time, here is today’s update from CYP. Feel free to ring the 24 hour number 1800 105 105.


As mentioned, today we held a further specialist meeting to review the monitoring and trial results, as well as potential technical options.

We are working to progress a potential mitigation option with the installation of some additional technical equipment by Herrenknecht. This afternoon we are seeking some further technical advice on this option, and the availability of the specialist personnel and equipment required given the current COVID-19 travel and quarantine restrictions.

Our acoustic engineer (Dr Kym Burgemeister) has examined the data from a previous application of this technology and it has shown varying degrees of effectiveness. To further develop the baseline, Kym would like to undertake some additional night-time monitoring to be conducted prior to the installation. I will keep you updated on the timing of the monitoring equipment arrival and the installation.  We’re looking to undertake this monitoring as soon as possible.


I’ve also spoken to the traffic team today about how soon we can implement the proposed new egress route from site. The traffic team have been in frequent communication each day with RPV and City of Melbourne, working together to progress this as quickly as possible. We are required to undertake a Road Safety Audit (RSA), a review of the swept paths of the trucks and a cyclist count on the route to be undertaken prior to gaining approval to implement this. We are aiming to complete these as soon as possible, if the RSA does not recommend any other interventions, a route switch on the 10th August may be feasible, however they will do this sooner if they can. I will keep you updated on the progress. This would reduce the truck numbers by up to 50%.


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