Some good news


It seems like the trucks from Edmund Herring Oval are now dumping in the South East and are going along the approved route. That route takes them over the Swan St Bridge and on to the Monash.

They should have been using that route all along but it seems that they are now (mostly) getting it right. Last night there was none between 10pm and 5:28am. Then we had a spate of them and speeding too…. But at least you can sleep without ear plugs tonight, I think.

On a separate trucking matter – trucks are removing spoil from the void in front of us during the DAY TIME ONLY. The route they have been taking has been a lucky dip. Earlier in the week they were turning left into Toorak Rd and heading towards Punt Rd. Today they decided that a U turn at St Kilda Rd / Toorak Rd corner was a good idea. They then came past us and all the way back to Linlithgow and over Swan St Bridge. They should now continue straight down St Kilda Rd and Nepean Hwy.


Not sure if others have noticed but the vibrations have decreased in the last 36 hours for me. They have made a small change and bigger mods will come through over the next couple of days. If you notice a difference, good or bad please let me know.


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