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Good afternoon everyone,

As construction is continuing on the Metro Tunnel Project during the current Stage 4 restrictions, we recognise that in the residential buildings you have limited opportunities to get out of your home while construction work continues outside and many of your residents are working from home.

More than ever before we are looking for opportunities to limit the impacts of our works during the planning phase, however there will be times where the works will be noisy during the day.

Over the course of the Stage 4 restrictions, we will be trialling sending out a short weekly email update to help give you a better idea of what is coming up in the week ahead, with a focus on those works that might be disruptive.

We know many of you are sharing this correspondence with your building tenants through your normal channels – if you’d like us to add your building managers to this list, just let us know.

As you’re all no doubt aware, construction is always subject to change depending on the weather or progress of individual activities – all the information provided is as accurate as possible when we send it out.

Please Note: While this email address is monitored throughout the day during business hours, if you have an urgent issue, please be sure to contact us via 1800 105 105. This will ensure that your query is responded to in a timely manner.


1.       Tunnelling 

Works will carry on as normal inside the acoustic shed. Currently, tunnelling is progressing well and the first TBM Millie is approaching Punt Road, with Alice not far behind.

2.       Anzac Station entrance – Shrine of Remembrance 

CFA piling has started around the perimeter of the new station entrance, with the piling rig now in place. The piling works that were underway in this area previously were deeper bored piles, this CFA piling will not be as noisy as the previous bored piles. 

3.    Tram Interchange Construction 

Piling is now complete on Tram Box construction site, we’re finished in this area for now – we’ll come back to this area in November to start excavation.

4.    Middle Box Roof Construction 

The final section of the Anzac Station Roof is being prepared. The temporary deck has been installed that we’ll use to support the pour of the final section of the roof. We’ve also laid form ply on top, which the roof slab will be cast against.

Next week we’ll start steel fixing and we’ll be using hand tools on the D-wall to prepare the tie in points. Preparations for the D-wall tie ins will be happening on Saturday. These works are expected to be completed in normal Saturday construction hours, however, depending on weather may run a bit later.

5.    Middle Box Excavation 

There is currently a lot of activity in this area.  Excavation under the roof is about 70% complete. We stopped excavation for a little while as we put together the latest addition to the site, the crawler crane. We’ll later use this crane to lower the steel and other materials down onto the excavated concourse level. Excavation has now recommenced. We have also added additional ventilation as we go further along our concourse excavation – we’ll be putting up some noise attenuation around this new vent addition in the following week.

Works on sections of the D-wall will be ongoing inside the excavation and are only expected to generate low levels of noise underneath the roof slab.


Rob, Dan and Jordan


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