Important Metro Tunnel updates

I have various bits of important news…

Street trees

When this is all done we will be getting street trees back out the front…but it seemed like for some reason, it was decided that we’d rather have one less tree.

The gap that was to be left was in case the City of Port Phillip decided to put a bike hoop in there one day.

I didn’t out to popular vote in the building but I decided on my own that people would rather an elm than a bike rack.

Today I was told by Rob Mair…Alan and his team have come up with a configuration to get the full quota of trees back in front of Botanica. While it still needs final approval from Heritage Victoria, we have checked in with HV who have indicate that they have no issues with reinstating the tree that was removed between the Development Plan design and the Interim Design.


The special bits of equipment have now been installed in the plant on Edmund Herring Oval and they are hoping it will have a positive impact on the terrible vibration.


We are getting fewer trucks as most are now going on the agreed routes. Still quite a few speeding but certinaly fewer trucks.

Noisy ventilation unit

People on the front of the building will have noticed a massive ventilation unit that has recently appeared. It pumps fresh air into the station box but it is VERY noisy. They have agreed to install sound mats around it tomorrow morning.

See you tonight


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