Updated – St Kilda Rd closure

You may have noticed an electronic sign in front of 412 St Kilda Rd advertising that St Kilda Rd will be closed 9am-4pm on Thursday this week.

I understand that it is for tree pruning to ease the journey for the TBM from South Yarra back to our acoustic box that will happen later this year.

Hopefully resident access will be maintained.

I’m guessing that they will not prune our magnificent trees, fingers crossed.


Late update from CYP

There will be trees trimmed along St Kilda Road along the TBM transport route for the entire day tomorrow as the crews progressively move their way up St Kilda Road.

There wasn’t originally going to be a full northbound closure – however it appears we will in fact close a section between Park Street and Dorcas Street, however not from 9am-4pm.

There are roughly 3 trees to be trimmed in this section and the detour will be via Park-Wells-Dorcas. It’s likely that it will be closed from 9am for roughly 2 hours.

Local traffic/deliveries can still get into the closed section.

Once this section is finished St Kilda Road will be back open – however sections of the outer carriage way will progressively be closed between Dorcas and Linlithgow as the crews work their way up St Kilda Road.

The inner carriageway will remain open the entire time and we’ll maintain local building access and side street access via TC’s

Apologies – The VMS certainly makes it seem much more extreme than it actually is – I’ll get some advice out tomorrow (with a map of the Park to Dorcas section) to the mailing list in the event that others are confused about it.

I’ll see if I can get that VMS changed too

As a side note – You might be wondering why we’re trimming tree’s on that side of the road for TBM transportation.
The answer is that we’ve got 6 over height deliveries that are too tall to come down Toorak Road under tram lines and will instead need to come down the opposite side of St Kilda Road to get back into site.

(This way we only need to raise 3 sets of tram lines at Toorak Road, St Kilda Road/Linlithgow and St Kilda Road/Park Street

Below is a map that shows the route – though the red line on SKR needs to be updated to move to the other side of the road.


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