Lots of tunnel news and pictures

Some of the main points to note

  • The trucking company is now using some decent tracking. It allows them to track a truck going ‘off approved routes’ and to detect speeding trucks. They noted that it has changed the behaviour of the drivers
  • The first TBM will commence before Xmas and finish in May.
  • Second TBM will commence in February and finish in late June
  • This means that the period of two TBMs is Feb-May
  • Work / meetings are happening this week to avoid unacceptable vibration when two TBMs are running
  • Public discussion on legacy design (including Chiller plants) will not happen this year.

That noisy cattle grid has gone

Were you woken to the soothing sounds of birds this morning?? Or was it clanking of industrial machines??

The wheel washer (also known as the cattle grid) was removed today. I’ve never quite understood its location. Logic would suggest it would be placed near the exit onto St Kilda Rd to keep the site dust from being carted onto the local road….but with various configuration changes, it was near the entrance.

On the assumption that you didn’t want to watch and listen to the hour of video in normal time, I’ve sped it up for you.

Tell Heather your thoughts on the Chiller plants!

If you are worried about the Chiller Plants then it would be good to tell our prospective new councillor!!

Gary Buck is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: The Botanica residents / Heather Cunsolo
Time: Oct 8, 2020 03:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 757 7056 0828
Passcode: 4DM35c

One of our possible new councillors wants to talk to us

Heather Cunsolo is running for City of Port Phillip in our ward. Due to Covid she can’t do the normal door knocking but she contacted me and would like to talk to us on a zoom call.

Voting starts early next week – She is proposing 3pm Thursday but has some flexibility.

She is the only candidate that has tried to make contact – that’s a good first step. More about her here

If anyone is interested, put a comment up here or send me an email

No more night time trucks…this year

Alice, the second TBM broke through at South Yarra on Saturday. This means that their is no more spoil to move from Edmund Herring oval until the two TBM’s head towards Flinders St in the new year.

There will still be DAYTIME trucks for some time.

Here is a video of parts of Millie being trucked past us in the early hours of Saturday morning.