Cup weekend puzzle

Albert Road Reserve is getting a makeover courtesy of CYP / Metro Tunnel. This is the last design pics that I saw.

As I understand, the grand opening will have a string quartet and dog grooming – not sure where else you can have your dog shorn whilst listening to a string quartet??

My confusion is that the current state of the site. Here is a current photo.

I think it will be easier to pick a winner of the Cup than work out how the recently installed poles will fit in to this setup.

Other details


3 thoughts on “Cup weekend puzzle”

  1. I couldn’t properly see what was behind the barriers. I thought scaffolding, which made no sense. Not before time. It will be interesting to see.


  2. Here is the official answer from Rob Mair… The guys looking after the install have told me that the these are the screw piles being used for the footings.

    The tops will be cut off this week (likely today) and caps put on them – They’re roughly 1.5m deep and they’ll be removed when the park is removed

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