CYP Update – Road closure on Thursday

Good afternoon everyone,

We hope you’ve all been keeping well.

We are writing today with our next weekly construction update

Please note: While this email address is monitored throughout the day during business hours, if you have an urgent issue, please be sure to contact us via 1800 105 105. This will ensure that your query is responded to in a timely manner.


Please be aware that Monday is an RDO. There will be some tunnelling related activity ongoing, but no other civil work will be occurring on Monday.

TBM Retrieval, Reassembly and Relaunch Preparatory Works

The tunnelling team continues to work 24/7 in preparation of the relaunch of TBMs Millie and Alice. Gantry pieces of the TBMs are being pulled back through the completed tunnel from the Eastern Portal, as work reassembling TBM Millie progresses.

The team at Edmund Herring Oval are also working to prepare for the TBM relaunch, with fabrication works, maintenance and repairs ongoing at the slurry treatment plant.

In the station box, the team is currently working to demolish the shifting way, which helped launch the TBM towards the Eastern Portal on the first drive. These works may be noticeable during the day while the shed doors are up, but the team will work to ensure that the noise stays within the shed after hours.

You may have noticed that we are currently storing some of the TBM pieces outside of the acoustic shed. The tunnelling team may need to do some minor works on these pieces up until 10pm. These pieces will be transferred to inside the acoustic shed during the week commencing Monday 23 November.

South Box Construction

Construction of the concourse slab is continuing underground. The second of 10 concrete pours for the concourse slab was completed on Tuesday, and is now curing. Next week, the team will commence the steelfixing for the third concourse pour. This will be the same process as has happened for the past two pours, with steel deliveries coming to site and being lowered into the void for installation.

The team will also apply a blinding layer of concrete for the slab on Tuesday. Crews will continue finishing works for this blinding pour up until 4am, but as this will be under the roof slab, is not expected to cause any disruption. We’ve attached a picture which shows a few stages of building the concourse slab – the image shows part of the completed concrete slab, some of the steelfixing, and the excavation.

Additionally, the south box team will be loading out material from the concourse excavation until 4pm tomorrow.

Anzac Station Entrance – Shrine of Remembrance

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing works continue at the Shrine of Remembrance entrance, as the team prepares to start the construction for the base slab.

Tomorrow the team will continue work to prepare for two blinding layers of concrete that will be poured next week. There will be some short periods of breakout tomorrow, and into early next week, as part of this work.

Next week, the team will complete the blinding layer pours of concrete, before they complete waterproofing and scabbling works to prepare for steelfixing to begin.

Anzac Station Entrance – Tram Box

Excavation continues for the eventual tram/station interchange entrance on St Kilda Road.

You may have noticed this week that the first of the breakout of the piles occurred. This activity will occur intermittently during the excavation of this entrance, and is expected to generate periods of high level noise.

Next week, the team will be installing ground anchors into the retaining wall. If you have a view over the site, you may also start to see red/orange struts arrive. These will be installed in this area of excavation to support the corner of the wall to the future Albert Road entrance. These struts will be a feature of this area of site for the coming year or so. We’ve attached a picture of support strutting, which is the same kind that will be used during the tram box excavation

Pedestrian Path Closure – Corner Domain Road and Shrine Grounds

On Wednesday, the stretch of footpath through our site that connects the Shrine Grounds to Domain Road will be closed. This closure will allow the project team to perform works related to tunnelling activities. Pedestrian access in the area will be maintained via a detour. We’ve attached a map that outlines the detour to this email.

St Kilda Road Southbound and Albert Road (North and South) Closures

On Thursday, there will be three road closures in the Domain Precinct – one on St Kilda Road (southbound), one on Albert Road North and one on Albert Road South. These closures will be to allow for the installation of traffic signage at the new Anzac Station site gate on St Kilda Road southbound to allow trucks to exit the site, and to allow for the replacement of faded linemarking on St Kilda Road southbound, Albert Road North and Albert Road South. Pedestrian access won’t be affected during any of these closures, and local driveway access will be maintained.

A hard copy works notification will be distributed with more information on these works next week.


Rob, Dan and Jordan


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