Xmas wreath competition

Will anyone be able to stop the Terry and Judy juggernaut – they have the won the ‘best Christmas wreath’ every single year since its inception in 2019.

Judging will occur late this week with a very attractive prize awaiting the winner.

Just to remind you…this was the feedback from our judging panel last year..

We had the joy of reviewing 14 Christmas wreaths across the Botanica. Floor six was the clear winner of Christmas spirit while floors four and one may be, at least for this year, labelled our Scrooge floors with no contenders for this prestigious inaugural award.

An iterative reductionist approach was taken in selecting a final winner from this high quality field of entrants. After a thoroughly unvalidated process of review by Caroline, Graeme and our four kids a final winner was selected.

Drum roll ………….

Apartment 202 for it reference to Australian eucalyptus and a bold, delightful and simplistic use of ribbon adornment – an elementary and classical use of the Christmas wreath with a reference to both less complicated times and the Australian environment. Congratulations.


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