Watching the action

I was asked the other day “Do many people watch the live camera feeds from your balcony??”

You can see the feeds here

It made me go back and look at the stats. Thanks to our friend Google, they can give me some interesting info

  • Over the last year, just over 20 000 people have watched one of the feeds. So that’s over 50 a day every day
  • Most viewers are from Australia (no surprise there). Next on the list is Russia, Italy, USA and Israel…some surprises there!!
  • 70% of viewers are between 25-45 years old
  • 80% of viewers are male
  • Three of the most popular (non live) videos are

One thought on “Watching the action”

  1. The cockatoo video is funny. I am surprised the one where the stolen car drove onto the tunnel worksite is not mong the top videos.


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