A few more details on bike lanes etc

More from Rail Projects Victoria (RPV) and my thoughts at the bottom…GB

When construction is complete in 2025, the area will be a heavily patronised transport hub with drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, train and tram passengers all needing to use the precinct safely.

Once completed in 2025, the Metro Tunnel section of St Kilda Road (between Dorcas Street and Toorak Road) will have:

·       A fully accessible tram super-stop in the middle of the road, connecting passengers to the underground station below

·       Protected kerbside bike lanes to allow cyclists to ride two abreast, protected from the risk of car dooring by a concrete separator

·       A row of permanent parking spaces built along the concrete separator

·       Two traffic lanes at all times.

An indicative cross-section of this layout is as below:

This layout is an update to the Metro Tunnel Project Domain Station Development Plan released in December 2017. Further detailed design work has been undertaken in consultation with traffic planning experts to determine that two traffic lanes, a parking lane and kerbside bike lanes at this location is a safe and effective solution. An updated Development Plan will be released for public comment later this year.

Further planning is underway that will provide options for safe cycle lanes along the rest of the St Kilda Road corridor, leveraging the new separated lanes delivered by the City of Melbourne. Major Road Projects Victoria is preparing a business case that will provide options for safe cycle lanes along the broader St Kilda Road corridor.

GB notes below

The great news it that we will only have two lanes of traffic in and two lanes of traffic out of the city. Plus the parking lanes each side will operate all day/night. The alternative was to make the parking lanes available as traffic lanes in peak hour, effectively having a 3 lane road.

I understand that Copenhagen bike lanes make our driveway entry/exit more difficult, but I could never see how they could fit central bike lanes into that corridor that has a train station and tram super stop. We will just have to work on them on the entry/exit issues.


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