Chiller plant update

I have been trying to resolve the issue of the ugly chiller plants that are currently planned for installation in front of our building (see image)

I have met with numerous people and that includes the Rail Projects Victoria (Vic Gov) person who will effectively signoff the decision. Linda Cantan is the Package Director – Tunnel and Stations for the entire Metro Project.

Linda is clearly very capable and was receptive to our issue. Amongst many things, I asked if it was possible to relocate the Chillers into the park in Bowen Crescent and incorporate it into an updated toilet block / cafe. She committed to investigating that option.

Her reply is below

“I’m just following up on some of the issues we discussed on April 15 and in particular your query regarding the possibility of locating the Chiller Plants in the Kings Way reserve.

There are a number of factors that mean that this is proposed solution is not possible.

  • the electrical submain cables originating from the station power supply (essentially a private supply) would need to go cross title boundaries into public land which is prohibited under the electrical code – electrical supply authorities would not allow this.  To pursue an alternative electrical supply in Kings Way reserve that did not originate from the station power supply would not achieve level of redundancy required for reliable train service operation and dedicated HV substations would be required in Kings Way park for the chillers thus adding to the infrastructure required;
  • the infrastructure (pumps, pipes & cables) would need to increase significantly to deal with the losses due to the increased distance from the chiller plant to the station again adding to the scale of the infrastructure;
  • even if the power issues could be overcome and the significantly increased chiller plant could be designed and built, a culvert would still be required to contain the chilled water pipework to each chiller from the Station to the chiller location. Culverts would therefore need to cross St Kilda Rd north bound – this would likely not be approved by authorities under St Kilda Road when alternatives are available;

As we discussed, the final location of the chiller plants was determined taking many comments and feedback into consideration and balancing competing objectives and concerns.  RPV are satisfied that the median of St Kilda Road is the most appropriate location for the chiller plants. The design team will focus on appropriate cladding and tree planting to offset the visual amenity impacts and the community will have the opportunity to comment later this year as part of the Development Plan Amendment consultation process.”

We also discussed the size of the Chillers and her reply on that matter is below

RPV has reviewed the CYP design for the operational efficiency and the ability to meet the project EPRs. RPV are satisfied that the dimensions as they stand are necessary to meet the requirements and therefore the chiller plants cannot be reduced in size.”


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