Next few months – CRG update

Public comments on Station and surrounds

Will occur around Q3 this year is my best guess so maintain that rage for another few months!!


Complete at last – the vibration should be over.

They are now removing rubble and sacrificial tunnel material plus constructing the cross passages. These are emergency escape routes between the two tunnels.

Much of the gear at Edmund Herring Oval will now be removed. Most gone by end of August EXCEPT the power station. The oval will now be used as a set down area – ironically at the public hearing all those years ago, it was to be only used for setdown

Other info

The actual steel rail to be used in the entire tunnel from South Yarra to CBD (through the Domain Station) will be pulled in from South Yarra. This is great news for us as it means we won’t have massive volumes of rail deliveries during the night!!


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