CYP update

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I’m writing with another update on the progress down in the South Box.

We’ve now resumed work after issues with the excavators over the past few days and the plan is now as follows:

Tuesday (Today):

Excavation has progressed today on removal of tunnel rings with some blinding layers coming down

As with last night works will run up until 10pm, before switching to stockpile management overnight.


By early-morning the team should be up to the last two rings, at which time the disconnection of power and removing of cabling will commence.

Once these works are complete, the team will come back in and remove the remaining two segments and earth before the end of the station box.

As soon as the power is disconnected, these works will need to continue until the excavation reaches point where power can be reinstated to the entire tunnel. Works will continue into the evening and may need to continue past 10pm depending on progress.

As with previous occasions, we will focus effort on the sections closest to the Botanica at the start of the shift, before moving to the eastern side later in the evening to reduce any impact.


The power will be reinstated to the tunnels as soon as the last of the excavation works are complete and the focus on Thursday will be on removing the final elements of the blinding and earth at the southern end station box.

This is some of the more “fiddly” work as it requires the removal from the corners and edges.

This will all be daytime activity.

By the end of Thursday we will have finished the excavation and demolition of the sacrificial tunnel.

Works from here will involve removing the last of the excavated material from the station box, cleaning the walls and preparing the area for the steelfixing required to construct the base slab.

Our thanks again to everyone for your patience during these works

Once again, I’ll update if anything changes along the way and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any concerns.

Thanks, Rob


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