New Anzac tram stop….soonish, sort of

The new Anzac Tram stop should be operational by about this time next year…woo hoo

There is quite a lot in this pack of slides from today’s meeting. Some things to note

  • The acoustic shed will be gone by mid-late January
  • All dongers/sheds on the St Kilda Rd site will be moved to Edmund Herring Oval in the first half of 2022
  • The tram lines will be relocated into their final position in late November 2022. This will be a very noisy period for us.
  • At that same time, the Park St tram stop will be demolished and the new Anzac tram stop will become fully operational. The road will still be only one lane in each direction.
  • Underground it is a bit like that new house you see built. It seems nearly finished but then all the services need to be added. The train platform will be completed by December 2022 but they then need to complete all the services.
  • Arden Station is a bit further ahead, this is a good video of that station

Detailed slides from today are here.


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