Looking for a car bay nearby??

This came in today……Our new car park near The Botanica offers secure and undercover basement parking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is in the Illoura building at 424 St Kilda Rd. Drivers access the car park via Queens Lane using an individual swipe card that is allocated to them. Parkers can come and go as often as they please.

For unreserved and guaranteed parking spaces, the cost is $330 per month including GST and the State Government’s Congestion Levy which itself is $125 per month. For reserved parking with a personal space allocated for your exclusive use, the cost is $430 per month.

There is no Contract and no cancellation fee. Parkers can cancel their parking at any time but it will become effective only at the end of a month. In other words, if you cancel during a month, part-payment for that month will not refunded but no payment will be processed for the following month.

Note there is a height limit of 2 metres in the car park.

Payment is made in advance either by credit card or direct debit (usually for individuals) or tax invoice (usually for companies).

Below is the payment authorisation form. Please complete the form and return it to me if you would like to book parking space(s). You obviously need to complete only the top half of the form if you would like to pay by tax invoice. I will then send you instructions on how to access the car park.

Please distribute this information to your residents and contact me if there is anything else I can help you with.

We look forward to welcoming you to Parkmonkey at 424 St Kilda Rd.

Tony Rindfleisch | Director | Parkmonkey

PO Box 1107, Croydon, Vic 3136  M: 0419 518 772 

W: parkmonkey.com.au E: tony@parkmonkey.com.au 


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