CYP Week ahead

Good afternoon everyone,

We hope you’ve been having a lovely week.

We are writing today with our next weekly construction lookahead.

Anzac Station entrance construction – Tram Interchange

Work is progressing well within the tram interchange, with all of the flat panels now installed around the oculus. Next week the team will continue with some minor rectification works on the panels. We’ve included a picture today of a close up of some of the L-shaped precast panels that have been installed around the oculus opening.

Early next week, the escalator support wall will be poured, and later in the week the feature stairs will be poured. As with all concrete pours they must be completed continuously, so may run outside of normal working hours.

Formwork and steelfixing on the bridge structures is ongoing, and next week, work on the glazing on the lift shafts will continue.

As well, towards the end of the week, escalator installation will begin.

Acoustic shed disassembly

You will have all seen by now that the acoustic shed has been entirely taken down. Some minor clean up works will continue this week.

Station box construction

Down within the station box, the precast over track exhaust (OTE) installation continues, along with the framework that will form the platform doors. As per previous weeks, the precast segments will be lowered into the station box until 10pm, while preparation works ahead of their installation will continue overnight. This activity is located entirely at platform level, and is unlikely to generate high noise at surface after 10pm.

Internal walls and permanent columns continue to be constructed in the station box, moving from south to north, as well as continuing the construction of the headwall that connects the station box to the tunnels. These works will involve steelfixing, formworking and concrete pours. As with all concrete pours, they must be completed continuously, and may run over normal construction hours.

As per the construction notice, steel fixing will continue in the station box 24/7.

Plunge columns will continue to be removed, as well as firewall shotcreting, heading from south to north in the station box. Works on the plunge columns will continue within the station box until 10pm, and preparation works for the firewall shotcreting will continue on night shift. These activities are unlikely to generate high noise at surface level.

As mentioned in last week’s update, the large crane on surface will be required for use up until 10pm on work nights.

REMINDER: Park Street closure Monday 7 March

Next Monday 7 March, service proving works will be occurring on Park Street. For the duration of these works, the westbound lane of Park Street will be closed, meaning there will be no left turn into Park Street from St Kilda Road. Access to the Hallmark Apartments driveway will be maintained via a right turn from Park Street.

We’ve attached a copy of the works notification to this email, with more information.

Surface Works

With the shed gone, the surface works have now well and truly kicked off. At the northern end of the site this week, road-saws and excavators with hammers have commenced breaking out the temporary surface of the site. These works will allow us to excavate down to the station roof and complete the final concreting, waterproofing and road-grade backfill to allow the construction of the final St Kilda Road alignment. 

These works will generate periods of high noise and the works will be carried out during normal working hours.

In addition to the surface demolition and excavation, next week some roof slab waterproofing will commence, as well as the demobilisation of the shrine box site sheds at the Domain Road side of our site.

Moving forward, we will try to give a more detailed run down of upcoming surface works in these emails. The below table outlines surface works for the next week. Stages referred to in the table can be seen on the site map attached.

Surface works from tomorrow Saturday 5 March


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