The shed’s gone – now what??

Just a reminder that there is still quite a noisy period ahead for us all. The city end will be noisy in the next 6 months and our end will be noisy late this year and early next year.

More details were in this blog entry

I thought that this plan was also worth re-posting. It is the ‘almost final’ plan, the final one will be published soon but I don’t expect much to change.

This shows the final alignment of the tram tracks – they will be moved to this position in November. That will be a very noisy night works period.

Some things to note in the plan above

  • Opposite us the tram tracks will be together and they will split at about Bowen Lane.
  • It may be marginal and it may be because of our chiller plant/vents, but the tram tracks are slightly on the Melbourne Grammar side of the road.
  • You can see the ‘oculus’. It will let a lot of light into the lower areas. At the moment it is a hole in the ground. In this end plan, one tram track goes on either side.
  • They have installed the lift shafts already in that oculus area.
  • They have installed the stairs already in that oculus area.
  • In front of us there is very little tram swerve and so hopefully little squeal.

The image above is a bit out of date and the final design will have much less timber but this is the oculus from one level down. The platforms are one further level down.

In this image you can see

  • The stairs coming down (already installed)
  • The amount of light coming in
  • One lift shaft (already installed)
  • The airbridge across (already installed)

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