The storm before the lull

When they built the station walls, they had to build the wall sections high and strong enough to support the roof until they had all the infrastructure below to support it.

This photo was taken when they were adding the roof. It shows the wall section (in red near the right) that was necessary but is now redundant. In fact it has to go to allow the road and services to fit.

That redundant D Wall section goes around the whole station box and it will be noisy and dusty as it is removed.

It will be done in stages starting this month. Some stages at our end and directly in front of us cannot be done until the tram and road is moved to its final alignment. This means late this year and early next year.

Here is the schedule. It will NOT be continuous

Here are the noise levels expected

The full CRG pack is here – quite a lot more in it.

It is also worth noting that when they do the final road surface, they will be using vibrating rollers – they caused us a lot of grief last time.


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