Weekly look ahead from CYP

Good afternoon everyone,

We hope you’ve been having a lovely week.

We are writing today with our next weekly construction lookahead.

Please be aware that Monday is an RDO. There may be some tunnel related works ongoing, but there will be no civil works occurring.

Anzac Station entrance construction – Tram Interchange

Within the tram interchange entrance, the team will continue to install the flat panels that sit on the ceiling of the station entrance, just underneath the L-shaped panels.

Next week, cranes will continue to lower down steel and precast elements to being building out the tram interchange station entrance.

As per the construction notice, steel fixing will continue in the station box 24/7. The next section of steel fixing is inside the tram interchange, adjacent to the newly installed stair and bridge frames. As these works are out in the open, these steel fixing will not continue overnight and will stop at 10pm with all materials lowered into the tram interchange before 6pm. Please be aware that lighting will be set up during the works, but will be angled down and away from residents. This work will continue this coming week.

Acoustic shed disassembly

You will have seen the view across the station box has changed a lot since last week, with almost all of the shed panels now removed. Work will continue on dismantling the acoustic shed frame next week. We’ve included a picture from earlier this week during the shed demolition. This photo was taken from where the northern shed door used to be, and is facing towards the southern end of the station box.

While most of the shed disassembly and demolition will occur during normal working hours, some additional clean up works around the shed may be required to continue until 6pm on Saturdays.

Station box construction

Next week in the station box, precast over track exhaust (OTE) will continue to be lifted into the shaft in preparation for installation. While precast will only be lowered into the station box until 10pm, preparation works ahead of their installation will continue overnight. This activity is located entirely at platform level, and is unlikely to generate high noise at surface after 10pm.

Internal walls, and permanent columns will continue to be poured in the south box next week, as well as continuing construction of the headwall that connects the station box to the tunnels structure. With all concrete pours, they must be completed continuously, and may run over normal construction hours.

Plunge columns will continue to be removed, as well as firewall shotcreting, heading from south to north in the station box. Works on the plunge columns will continue within the station box until 10pm, and preparation works for the firewall shotcreting will continue on night shift. These activities are unlikely to generate high noise at surface level.

As mentioned in last week’s update, the large crane on surface will be required for use up until 10pm on work nights.

Service proving works – Saturday 19 February

Tomorrow, the first day of rescheduled service proving works will take place. The works involve opening pit lids and visually inspecting services, as such they are not expected to generate noise.

There will be some delays exiting Albert Road at Kings Way. Traffic controllers will be in place to help cars exit, however delays between 5-10 minutes are expected. Entry into Albert Road will remain open.

Inspection works will commence at 7am, however traffic set up will begin at 6am.

Service proving works will occur again on Saturday 26 February.

We’ve included a copy of the works notification to this email for reference.

Electricity works on site – Sunday 20 February

As we mentioned last week, this Sunday the team have to do some works to switch out the power supply on site. As this will require power be disconnected during the works, we are unable to do this on a normal working day. There will be a small electrical crew onsite to complete these works – most of it will be within the station box. This work is not anticipated to cause any noticeable disruption. The preparatory works for the power supply switch will be completed during normal work hours.


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