The first of the ‘final’ images

You may have spotted a couple of images released of Anzac Station today. As I understand, the Minister wanted to get these out before CYP start erecting the steel!!

This one shows (left of screen) some vents similar to ‘our’ vents and chiller plants. I am assured that we will now have some decent trees shielding us from the chiller plant.

They have been given feedback that the high roof will give very little weather coverage for tram users. The lime green has also not been a popular decision.

This is the concourse level, one level below the street and one level above the train platform. There will be plenty of light The tram lines are either side of this area.


5 thoughts on “The first of the ‘final’ images”

  1. Thanks for the photos. I am little underwhelmed. You will only stay dry in driving rain on the opposite site to where the rain comes in.


  2. The lime green is disgusting, I know they were worried about the timber being a fire hazard, with so much steel around, surely it needed timber to soften it, it is not a huge amount of timber! Good news re trees camouflaging chiller plant etc! Kay and Ralph

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