Electric car charging infrastructure

The Committee has decided to install the basic infrastructure for charging electric vehicles (EVs) at a cost of approx. $35K.  It will be installed in May.

Some things to note

  • There will be no levy required to fund this work
  • This work will provide the ‘common backbone’ but users wanting to connect will still need to pay for cabling to their bay and their own charger.  These must be arranged through the OC.
  • The common infrastructure that the OC is funding ensures that we do not place other building power circuits at risk and ensures that the EV owner is immediately billed for power used.
  • Our insurance company has been consulted and confirmed that this does not increase our risk and therefore will not impact our premium.
  • Reference sites consulted commented that the costs for our building are modest compared to many other buildings.
  • Two estate agents who have sold apartments in our building both commented that they are receiving more and more queries from buyers about EV charging.  One agent commented that he has lost St Kilda Rd sales due to the lack of EV charging capability. They both commented that all new apartment blocks MUST have EV charging.

As I have personally ordered an EV, I stood aside when the Committee voted on this matter. 


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