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I’ve had a few queries, so let me add a bit more to the story.

When we did the survey earlier in the year, we had 20 people respond and 4 of them said they expect to buy an EV in the next 2 years and another 5 in the 2-5 year time period.

The solution we are installing will allow up to 30 car bays to be connected, we expect that this will be sufficient for at least 5 years.

It is possible that some owners may wish to add a charger to their bay even if they do not buy an EV. This will make rental apartments for attractive for some tenants. Regardless we feel we are installing enough capacity 5 years.

We can expand the capacity to all car bays if required with further investment. We only envisage doing this when we are getting close to the 30 bay limit.

While the EV world is changing quickly, the backbone, the main cost of what we are installing, is mainly basic cables, it is the chargers that owners will install that will evolve most over time. So I expect that little of the common infrastructure will become dated.

You will see very little difference in the carpark. There will be some cabling up high and some boxes installed in our switchboard room.

No owner is being forced to install cabling and charger to their bay. If you do not want one, that is fine.

The current estimates for installation are $2400 plus GST for cabling and $1850 plus GST for a charger. So about $4700 inc GST.

The installation will be a bit like installing a general power point with an extension cable and each individual bay will be assessed by an electrician when you request a connection.

The chargers we are recommending today are JetCharge Chargemates. They work with all EVs sold in Australia. The chargers that can be installed at any time must be compliant with our system.

You can see the ‘power point’ with cover in this picture. That gives you an idea of the size of the charger. EV owners then have a special cable (that comes with their car) running from this device to their car.

Happy to answer any questions


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