Update on fire brigade visit

Last night someone on Level 1 was doing some cooking. They burnt their dinner and their kitchen filled with smoke. They opened their front door to try and help get it to escape. That triggered the building smoke detectors.

They immediately contacted Paul to warn him what had happened.

The fire brigade was here in about 5 minutes. The people who caused the issue, met the fire guys downstairs and took full responsibility for the accident.

Some people asked why only Level 1 (and 2?) alarm bells were triggered. As I understand there is a system of cascading alarms, so sound the alarm on the problem floor first to get those people out. Then other floors would have sounded if the fire brigade had not taken action.

The sprinklers are triggered by heat.

If your kitchen fills with smoke, it is probably best to open the outside doors/windows in the first instance.

Just a reminder – do NOT use the lift when the alarms are sounding


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